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HerPairTM is not only about liberating intimate wear, it’s a movement.

The High Hard Ones of HerPair

Under represented, under paid, undervalued…these are but a few words that describe today’s environment for women.  Why?  Is it merely an issue of what’s in your pants?  Maybe.  If so, no need to grow a pair, wear a pair!  HerPair intimates are designed to help close this gap.

Once YourPair has arrived, you can now walk into that male dominated boardroom, purchase your first car, home, or be the best bad ass single mom at cub scouts with confidence.

HerPair places female camaraderie at the forefront of its existence.  So, we are busy working on on an app to help connect those that are like-minded.  Stay tuned…

Our Mission

HerPair is a company by women for women that provides female empowerment through beautiful intimate wear.  We strive to be company of genuine, intelligent, fun and honest individuals.

Our Vision

Changing the world one pair of underwear at a time.

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